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We at VLCC, conduct a complete Body Composition analysis understand medical, social and personal situations and take an overview of all the associated risks. Based on this we formulate a program that is customized for the individual. We provide proper counseling, fitness sessions along with revolutionary weight loss treatments. Some of these treatments are:

Waist and tummy trim – This treatment helps you lose excess weight & bulges as well as to reshape your body. A universally accepted Ultrasound Induction procedure together with a tummy firming gel followed by a massage helps you get the desired results.

Arm-Hip-Thigh trimming-Fat deposits on these three regions can lead to severe problems such as decreased flexibility & metabolic disorders. Our Ultrasound Induction equipment and firming gels helps target localized fat deposits in these area and helps in toning them as well.

Cellulite control therapy- To stimulate certain pressure points, massages are given using gels, oils, packs and creams. These gets rid of toxins and shape our adipose tissues. This skin also acquires a healthy glow as a result of the metabolic activities.

Body Firming – As the name states, this treatment takes care of saggy kin post weight loss. This massaging technique increases circulation and removes overall stress from the body as well as makes it firm.

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