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Science behind VLCC

What we at VLCC focus on is not just our client’s medical health but also their mental and physical state in every aspect. At VLCC, you will experience a three step journey to a better health and a better you.

The first step we take when we undertake the responsibility for your health is thoroughly assess it and everything that is wrong with it. We get to know your body through Body Composition Analyses which includes tests like calculating your BMI and your waist circumference. We find out your personal and social life and the reasons for your weight gain. In addition, we take your medical history, HCA, evaluate your skin and hair, and your overall fitness and wellbeing. This is done through a range of doctors, dermatologists, psychologists and beauty experts.

These analyses are conducted to understand you better and hence help us make educated and profound decisions on developing your weight loss program. Therefore the second step is to provide you with treatments that are specially suited for your body. Our nutritionists and dieticians will carve out a weight loss program for you which suits your lifestyle. Together with physiotherapists, our active exercise routine is according to your specific body type, age, medical condition which will shape your muscles, tone and firm your body. We understand that some individuals are not able to exercise due to weak muscles or joints and for them we offer muscle stimulation systems. You will have access to therapeutic cardiovascular and muscle training as well as freedom from aches and pains and overall fitness and flexibility. We also have a range of customized cosmetic treatments for your body, skin and hair a luxurious spa for relaxation.

Just weight loss is not sufficient. Your body requires maintenance so that weight stays off. We also have a range of home care and personal care products to keep the beautification long-lasting.


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