This revolutionary treatment also offers
the following benefits

  • Stops fat from forming
  • detoxification
  • shining smooth skin
  • Reducing water retention

It is the most advanced Swiss Body Therapy yet launched

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The Power behind CurveXpertTM

Stem SlimTM :

Major Slimming Discovery

  • Prevents fat formation by limiting the conversion of stem cells into fat cells
  • Inhibits immature fat cells into becoming mature, which are harder to get rid of
  • Decreases the size of existing fat cells
  • Smoothens out the appearance of cellulite
Ultrasound (for breaking down fat)

Triple-Syn Actives

Slim sonixTM Technology :

  • Safely detaches up to 250ml of selected enlarged fat cells from the extracellular Structure

Lipo FXTM Technology :

  • Reverses the fat cell development cycle where mature fat cells take on early stem cell-like properties

CellusmoothTM Technology :

  • Target multi-fat layers to reduce cellulite

Stem Cellular Slimming

Eliminates up to 25% of Mature Fat cells.

Fat originates from stem cells

  • Curve XpertTM activates on stem cells to inhibit their conversion into fat cells.
  • Curve Xpert TM inhibits the formation of new fat cells and reduces the size of existing fat cells.

Experience CurveXpertTM Now

Intensive Treatment

CurveXpertTM Professional :

  • Deep cleanses; purges toxin and water
  • Inhibits fat formation and fights excess fat
  • Reinforces firming and sculpting action
  • Targets early and stubborn cellulite
Ultrasound (for breaking down fat)

Body Slimming Accelerators

CurveXpertTM 3D Power Shaper :

  • Inhibits fat formation
  • Restores skin softness and suppleness
  • Corrects stubborn cellulite
  • Revs up metabolism
Ultrasound (for breaking down fat)

CurveXpertTM Thermosonic Body Mousse :

  • Fights stubborn fat curves
  • Delivers fast lifting effect
  • Prevents and minimises stretch marks
  • Replenishes hydration in skin
Ultrasound (for breaking down fat)

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