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The 4-step treatment plan

Step 1


BelleWave 3D Body Contour Power Dose

Combination of Euglena gracilis ferment, plant caffeine and Glaucium Flavum Extract create ultrasound like effect to detach the fat cells.

Step 2

Activation & Lypolysis

VLCC Slimmer’s 3D Tummy Sculpt Activator Gel

The gel is a concentrated formulation that activates and burns that cells.

Step 3


Slimming Contour Wrap + Mechanical Stimulation

Contouring wrap with special tummy sculpting technique is applied to allow full penetration of the Activator Gel. Mechanical stimulation is used to detach adipose cells and break down stubborn fats.

Step 4

Daily Fat Burn & Firming Gel

VLCC SHAPEUP’S Waist & Tummy Trim Gel

Take 5ml of gel and apply twice daily. Massage lightly on tummy and waist until the gel is absorbed in your skin.

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